Learning to Slow It Down

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween (and got to sneak a piece of candy from that large pile your little one managed to collect). The sugar rush of Halloween is hopefully over, but that doesn’t mean the craziness of life has stopped. Next thing we know, it’ll be Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and then a whole new year. So how can we make sure we slow down and enjoy each day with our kids? Especially as busy moms, it can be tough to know the answer. I do know I have a list of five things to do with my kids before Thanksgiving gets here. The list is manageable and will be sure to make the holiday fun. I would love to hear some creative ideas from you as well, so please leave a comment about what you do to balance it all. Here’s my list:


  1. Read before bed: This one seems simple and obvious, but it’s hard to make time to read a book every night before bed. I try to keep this a nightly tradition because it’s one thing my girls love. I’ve heard 10 Fat Turkeys is a great book to teach kids how to count backwards.
  2. Cook or bake together: One day they will be on their own, and they’re going to have to feed themselves! I love to have my girls help me in the kitchen. It makes eating together that much more special. This year, I’m excited to make these adorable Turkey cupcakes!a98de8afd11883cbc57ce5ae6778ebe3
  3. Make a craft: There are way too many cute Thanksgiving craft ideas, but I definitely want to try making these pinecone turkeys with my girls.
  4. Play a game: Games never fail to be fun for me. I always find myself laughing at something, and they are a great way for children to get some energy out, especially on a lazy day like Thanksgiving. The game “Cross the Sea” looks hilarious. One kid is the New World, another is the Mayflower, and the rest are rocks. The Mayflower wears a blindfold and must be guided with directions around the rocks in order to make it to the New World.
  5. Be thankful: I love this idea of a Thankful tree. This is such a great way to teach children what Thanksgiving is really all about…and maybe to remind ourselves as well!

Again, please leave a comment and let me know what you do to make the crazy holiday season enjoyable and stress-free.

Sew long,


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