The uniqueness of customized gifts

Don’t you love when a friend gives you a present specifically customized to you? Whether it be a concert ticket to your favorite band, a birthday cake with your nickname on it, or a bottle of your signature scent, a customized gift says I know who you are and what you like. Sometimes it becomes hard in the craziness of life to pay attention to all the individual quirks of friends, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters and husbands. I often find myself wondering does she like chocolate cake with vanilla icing or vanilla cake with chocolate icing?

The good news is that you can still give customized gifts, even if you forget some of the details. As long as you can remember their name, customized items are possible. I love taking requests for personalized items such as this customized “Genevieve” journal or “Chef Caroline” chef hat.

Sew Long,